Our Product Range

Our Product Range

Wedding Favours Available. Custom made   

Wedding Favours made fresh and to your specific requirements. We can do 10 or 110 and each one is beautifully hand crafted  for your special day.. Ask us about how we can help create an amazingly special gift for all of your guests!

Salted Caramel  

Salted Caramel Fudge is a firm favourite in our collection of yummy fudges. It is made with milk chocolate and flavoured with salted caramel syrup. A delicate balance of sweet and salty to excite your senses. This fudge is  Gluten Free, just like the rest of our Love Ya Fudge range. We pride ourselves on using only the best real food ingredients, so that what you taste, is the best it can possibly be.

Double Chocolate  

Double Chocolate Fudge is exactly as it sounds. A rich layer of  cocoa milk chocolate as the base, then a second layer of white milk chocolate on top. Finished with a swirl of  chocolate again, just for good measure and to ensure the taste of  decadence. A solid favourite with both children and adults.

Chocolate Mint

 Chocolate Mint Fudge brings a beautiful and solid flavour of natural mint. It is made with cocoa milk chocolate and dressed with dark mint chocolate on top to add a richness to  this wonderful fudge. My personal fav!

Baileys Irish Cream 

Baileys Irish Cream Fudge is great liquer fudge. It is made with a quarter of a cup of  Baileys in each and every batch. It is added during cooking so that the alcohol dissipates, and you are left with the warm, creamy texture and flavour of an amazingly special fudge. My second Fav! 

Coffee and Walnut   Coffee and Walnut Fudge is beautifully flavoured  with organic espresso coffee. Swirled through the rich cocoa milk chocolate are delicate walnut pieces that add a nutty taste and texture to a balanced nut fudge. A wonderful full bodied fudge if you enjoy a blend of coffee and nut!


Hazelnut Fudge is our second nut fudge in our Love Ya Fudge range. It is a delicate and soft fudge flavoured with hazelnut syrup and topped with unshelled hazelnuts. It is Gluten Free and  has a wonderful sweet and nutty after taste. Yum!

Organic Fair Trade Blackcurrant Fudge 

 Organic Fair Trade Blackcurrant Fudge. So this fudge is brand spanking new to our Love Ya Fudge range. It is in response to our customers asking for a quality dark choclate fudge that provides a rich creamy hit, while thinking carefully about the origin  of the ingredients. So this extra special fudge is made with organic raw panella sugar,  dark ghana fair trade chocolate and New Zealand certified organic blackcurrant powder. It is topped with blackcurrants rolled in dark organic chocolate and dusted with cacao powder. A decadent and wholesome fudge full of flavour and love. It looks great too!

The Blokes Block 

Beautifluly hand crafted with gorgeous honey and blended whiskey to create an delious soft fudge bock. 200 grams of greatness made into a block of  fudge that promises to deliver mouth watering buttery flavours of honey and whiskey. Comes beautifully wrapped and with a lovely wooden knife so you can enjoy it striaght away!

Raspberry and White Chocolate

So an amzing Raspberry and White Chocolate Fudge. Made with "fresh as" branded raspberry powder, white chocolate and real food ingredients. Tastes divine and is balanced with a smooth rich qualitythat  makes this fudge a firm favourite!

Butterscotch Fudge

 Soft creamy amzingly smooth fudge, with a hint of butterscotch. Beautifully crafted with love and a definte melt in your mouth experience.


Passionfurit fudge is made with a lovely blend of passionfruit, complimented by white chocolate t add a light and sweet flvour that melts in your mouth. A great summer flvour!

Love Ya Fudge is  handmade artisan fudge made locally in North Canterbury, with love . We welcome your feedback and any suggestions that you may have in helping grow our business, and expand our range of flavours.
We hold a Certificate of Compliance for the manufacture of  fudge varieties. Registration Number WMR200002/1
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